Valeena Sheenko (also spelt Valina) is one of the primary antagonists of Season 3 and 4 of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. She was given to the Skeleton King to be used as a vessel for his power when she was a mere child, a process which corrupted her into what is now known as the Skull Sorceress (occasionally referred to as the Skull Witch and, erroneously, the Skeleton Queen). She is also the daughter of Ma and Pa Sheenko, the owners of Shuggazoom's arcade.

Following the death of the Skeleton King in I, Chiro, Valeena takes the helm as lead antagonist, seeking to ressurrect the King in a newer, more powerful form. And though she ultimately succeeds, her devotion goes unrewarded as she is unceremoniously blasted into oblivion by the newer, stronger Skeleton King.



Season 3

Season 4

In the episode "Soul of Evil" Valeena and Mandarin succeed in resurrecting the Skeleton King. Valeena drops to her knees before him, and the Skeleton King shows his gratitude by vaporizing her on the spot to demonstrate his new power.



As a young girl, Valeena somewhat resembled Jinmay. She had large, pretty green eyes and deep magenta hair, with two of her more notable characteristics being her large nostrils and a bizarre white birthmark on her upper lip that resembled a buck tooth.

As the Skull Sorceress, Valeena is much taller, with a demonic, tentacle-ridden motif, alongside bone-like protrusions from her outfit. Her eyes are similar, but now take on a pink colour scheme. Her nostrils are drawn in an inverted fashion, and the white birthmark on her mouth is now black. In addition, her skin has gone from a fair complexion to a sickly grey one.





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