• I met Tara Strong back to July 2017 at Raleigh Supercon (got selfie picture with her, 2 DVDs (TT Season 1, Ben 10 Season 1) and two fan papers (Art of OS Raven & cartoon characters) autographs), she is the first voice actress of SRMTHG! I ever meet.
  • I met Greg Cipes on March 2019 at NCComic Raleigh (got selfie picture with him & his dog, 2 DVDs (TT Season 1, Ben 10: Alien Force) and two fan papers (Cartoon characters & Chiro from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!) autographs), he is the second voice actor of SRMTHG! I meet.
  • I met Keone Young on July 2019 at Raleigh Supercon (got fan papers of his Characters for autograph), he is the third voice actor of SRMTHG! I meet.

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