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Secret of the Sixth Monkey is the sixth episode of the Season 1 of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! as well as the sixth episode overall.


Antauri insists on developing new offensive abilities in order to prepare for any potentially new threats. Chiro's pursuit in this new quest leads him to uncovering the existence of another monkey, one whose identity had, until that point been kept a secret. Little do the team know, said monkey is about to pay them all a visit.



Major Characters

Minor Characters



  • Error: When Mandarin first appears on-screen, his eyes are open, despite the fact that he's in stasis. In the very next shot, they are closed and open once Mandarin wakes up.
  • Error: Mandarin's gauntlets change the number of fingers they have depending on whether Mandarin or Chiro is wearing them.
  • The sound effects for Mandarin's Sword Gauntlet were taken from the Star Wars franchise's iconic Lightsaber. This is a somewhat amusing usage of the sounds as Disney would later go on to purchase LucasFilms and the Star Wars franchise along with it.


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