Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!: Power Primate Practice (or simply called Power Primate Practice for the sake of brevity) is a Flash-based top-down puzzle game set inside the Super Robot. In it, players would have to take control of the Monkeys and Chiro and navigate numerous puzzle rooms, utilizing each Monkey's weapons to bypass colour-coded gates while collecting pickups and avoiding enemies.

The game has six playable characters, being the five monkeys, alongside Chiro.

It was available to play on the Jetix website until its termination following the company's absorption by Disney. It's still playable on old Jetix Magazine DVDs, and the game has since been extracted from said DVDs to still be playable today. An extracted build of the game can be found on Lost Media Wiki's Discord server.


The game runs in a grid-based movement system. The player can move in the four cardinal directions, and movements are singular, per tile.

The game has six playable characters: Chiro, Antauri, Sparx, Gibson, Nova and Otto. They all play the exact same with the sole exception of Chiro. The only difference between Chiro and the other monkeys is that Chiro can't pass through any gates on his own. the rest of the monkeys are capable of opening colour-coded gates using their various weapons.

The objective of the game is to simply reach the goal at the end of every level while avoiding hazards and roaming Formless enemies that cannot be defeated. Each stage is started as Chiro, who must navigate hazards in order to reach a colour-coded morph pad, which will change him into the monkey that matches the colour of the morph pad. Said monkey will be able to open specific gates with their weapons, which usually lead to collectibles, another morph pad to change characters again, or the exit.

Throughout the game are two types of collectibles: Captain Shuggazoom Logos and Lightning Bolts, which serve only to increase the player's score.


  • Error: Nova's sprite has black eyes instead of her usual pink, despite Antauri's eyes being coloured correctly.
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