Planetoid Q, or simply Q for brevity's sake, is a former enemy-turned ally of the Monkey Team. He is a sentient planetoid, as his name would suggest, who merely drifts through the cosmos. He was ordered by the Skeleton King to crash himself into Shuggazoom, which would annihilate the planet, and possibly himself. Without question, he set off to do just that.

The monkey team attempted to reason with him, to no avail. They entered the inside with the hope of destroying him, only to end up in his subconscious, where it's revealed he doesn't believe he has a choice. Chiro manages to enlighten him on what it means to choose one's own path and Q undergoes a change of heart. He stops himself from crashing, and, as a sign of gratitude, morphs himself to resemble the heads of the monkeys.

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