Mobius Quint is a renowned space pilot and supporting character in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!.

He is a weathered and stern-hearted man with strong expertise in his field, which leads to his idolization at the hands of Sparx. Though heroic at his core, his anger at being attacked and determination to save his captured crew cause him to become susceptible to the Skeleton King's corruption, and as a result, he ends up risking the lives of not just himself, but his crew and the Hyperforce as well, in a futile attempt to destroy the Citadel of Bone. Chiro manages to appeal to Quint's humanity, and the team manage to escape without a single casualty.

Quint would later appear alongside other heroes during the assault on Skeleton King's Castle in the final episode.

He was voiced by the great Lance Henriksen, an actor well known for his roles in various science-fiction films, most notably that of the Alien franchise, having appeared in two Alien films, and the first Alien vs. Predator movie.



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