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Mission Alpha: Monkeys Mobilize (or just Monkeys Mobilize for short) is a Flash-based top-down vehicular combat game set in Shuggazoom City as well as a small area of the Savage Lands. You must take control of the two Foot Crushers and retrieve various parts for the Super Robot. The player has two lives, the first is played as Otto, and the second as Nova. If Nova is defeated, the player will receive a game over. Along the way, the player can also collect various power-ups as well as ammo for the missile launcher. The game is notable for it surprisingly hard difficulty.

This game used to be playable on the Jetix website, but was removed when the website shut down after Jetix and Toon Disney were absorbed into Disney XD. However, unlike Power Primate Practice, which took some time to find and archive, functioning archives of the game were already available to play on other websites prior to the takedown.