Gyrus Krinkle is one of the antagonists of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. He is one of the few enemies of the Monkey Team to lack affiliation with the Skeleton King or the Dark Ones. What at first appears to be an obsessive and lonely, albeit benign man ultimately turns out to be an extremely intelligent and dangerous lunatic. Krinkle antagonizes the Hyperforce on two occasions, ultimately leading to his assumed destruction.


Season 1

In A Man Called Krinkle, Gyrus first appears after the Monkey Team defeats the Plant Kaiju in the episode's cold opening as part of the Clean-Ops. He disobeys orders from his boss and begins to fawn over and clean the Super Robot. After Chiro confronts him, he requests to join the Hyperforce, but is denied by Chiro and subsequently fired from the Clean-Ops for being a creep. Afterwards, he begins to formulate a plan to become part of the team, starting by leaving a Techroid A-88 action figure outside the Super Robot, which Sparx gives to Chiro as a birthday present. After sending his Spider Robot to attack Shuggazoom, he manages to ensnare the Super Robot's legs in the machine's silk before it is ultimately destroyed. He then makes himself known and immediately frees the Super Robot with a gun that can melt the Spider Bot's silk.

When this fails to net him anything more than a thanks from the team, Gyrus activates his backup plan, which causes the Techroid to bind to Chiro's body, he then uses hypnosis technology to trick the Monkey Team into believing that Gyrus is Chiro. A lengthy fight ensues between the Monkey Team and costumed Chiro until the costume eventually crumbles, snapping the Monkey Team out of their hypnosis. Gyrus then engages a final back-up plan, utilizing a Quark Detonator with the intention to kill himself alongside the Monkey Team and the Super Robot. This final plan is foiled when Chiro appeals to Gyrus's obsession and manages to talk him down. Gyrus is last seen having vivid fantasies while detained in the Ranger 7 Prison Facility on Shuggazoom's moon.

Season 4


Gyrus is a mentally unstable human being with supreme intellect and remarkable planning skills.






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