Clone Mandarin (known simply as Mandarin in the show, and colloquially known as "Skele-Mandarin" by fans to help differentiate) is a Formless genetic clone of Mandarin, the former sixth monkey and leader of the Hyperforce. He was created by the Skeleton King after the original Mandarin failed him too many times.

Skele-Mandarin is far more malicious and subservient to the Skeleton King than his predecessor. The Formless blood within him removing any sense of humanity and independence that the original Mandarin may still have had within.


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Skele-Mandarin resembles his clonefather greatly in behavior for the most part. However, where he differs is that he is far more psychotic than his predecessor.

Lacking in any redeeming qualities, Mandarin is vicious and dangerously pragmatic in combat, shown when he managed to stab Antauri in the back of his head while the latter was preoccupied.

However, he was not around for very long, as the Dark One Worm swallowed him. When he was encountered again, his sanity was visibly slipping, causing him to lose his pragmatic edge in favour of lavishing every moment of killing Chiro. This flaw is what ultimately lead to him being doused in the Worm's stomach acids, and eventually batted away from Chiro by Nova.

During the resurrection of the Skeleton King, Mandarin seemed to have regained some of his sanity, and was fiercely determined to see the resurrection through to the very end.


His default appearance resembles that of the original Mandarin's debut appearance, albeit much younger. His body is encased in a Formless variant of the standard Monkey Team armor, albeit without a facial portion of the helmet. His left arm is a claw, while his right one possesses multiple digits in order to utilize his gauntlet effectively.

After being swallowed by the Dark One Worm, his body and armor received permanent damages owed to the corrosive interior of the beast. During his fight with Chiro, his face was gruesomely blistered by acids within the Worm's stomach. This left him permanently disfigured, with subsequent appearances showing a darkened portion of his face with a bleached, possibly blind eye.


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