Cloggy Colon Creature (also known as Captain Biff Beefy Box when in disguise) is one of the antagonists in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. He is a malevolent alien organism that greatly resembles a sentient, disembodied human colon. He travels the cosmos in search of planets with humanoid populations (as well as monkeys, which his people consider a delicacy) where he will set up shop as a restaurant and use hypnotic advertisements to attract people to eat there. His ultimate goal is to fatten people up and make them complacent, after which he breaks his facade and eats the people, enabling him to rapidly grow in size. Also, for some odd reason, when not wearing his disguise, he speaks with stereotypical "gangsta" jargon, which is lampshaded by both himself and Sparx.

He is ultimately defeated by the Hyperforce after Antauri managed to weaken him with his powerful vegetable smoothies, causing him to regurgitate the people he ate, shrinking in size before being flung into the sun by the Super Robot.

He is voiced, both in his true form as well as in his Biff disguise, by Kevin Michael Richardson.


  • He, alongside Cheesebot, was mentioned by Antauri as part of a one-off gag prior to appearing as an actual character later on. Despite this, neither Antauri or any of the other characters bring this fact up when facing him down.
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