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Chiro's Girl is the first episode of the Season 1 of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! and first episode of the series overall. It originally aired on September 18th, 2004 on Toon Disney's action block, Jetix.


A day of maintenance on the Super Robot goes awry when Chiro catches a glimpse of a gorgeous young lady. After the two meet up later on, they quickly grow fond of one another. But is this girl really all-that, or is there something more sinister beneath the seams?


The episode begins with a bait-and-switch. It seems as though the Hyper Force are in danger. However, after an over-dramatic speech on Chiro's part, we learn that they are merely preparing to wash the grime off of the Super Robot. After Nova tells Chiro to can it, he and Sparx challenge one another to a race: First one to clean their half of the Robot has to do the other's chores. The two set off, hard at work, with Chiro seeming to take the lead. However, during all the fuss, Chiro catches and eyeful of a mysterious, pink-haired girl that completely love-strikes him. The distraction causes Chiro to sever the cables suspending him, resulting in him falling. The rest of the monkeys attempt to catch him, but only succeed in softening the landing.

Later on, Chiro comes across BT and Glenny harassing the pink-haired girl by tormenting her pet monkey. Chiro very quickly stands up to the two bullies, without uttering a word, and the two make a very hasty retreat. The pink-haired girl then takes the opportunity to thank Chiro and introduces herself as Jinmay, and her monkey pet as Sakko. The three of them quickly become friends and begin wasting the day away together. First traveling to Hover Burger, then ride in a Sakko-drawn carriage, then they get revenge on BT and Glenny with gorilla suits before finally settling at an icecream parlor, where they share a hovercone.

Back onboard the Super Robot, the other monkeys are somewhat distressed that Chiro has been gone an inordinately long time. After Antauri tries and fails to contact Chiro, who is too smitten to notice he's being contacted, the Super Robot alerts them all to the presence of Horde of Bone Drones attacking Shuggazoom City. With Chiro having gone AWOL, the monkeys can't pilot the Super Robot, and thus prepare to engage the horde without it.

The Bone Drones soon begin their assault on the city, chaperoned by the Skeleton King's TV Monster, which broadcasts his intentions across Shuggazoom City. The monkeys show up to defend the city, and the two opposing sides engage each other. The monkeys make short work of the Formless drones, though their large numbers quickly prove to be overwhelming. Eventually, the TV Monster joins the fight, and proves itself to be more than a match for the monkeys. In desperation, Antauri once again tries to contact Chiro who still does not respond. It would eventually take Jakko biting his head to snap him out of his daze. Chiro quickly suits up and joins the team for the fight, where he goes an extra mile to defeat as many formless as possible in an effort to show off to the spectating Jinmay. After defeating the TV Monster, it and the Drones quickly retreat. The team then realises that Chiro has disappeared as fast as he had shown up. Antauri locates them with the Brain Scrambler and demands Chiro return to base.

Chiro returns to base, and takes advantage of the opportunity to bring Jinmay onboard and introduce her to the monkeys, though she doesn't understand them. While everyone was getting to know one another, Jakko. Chiro then takes Jinmay to show her his Universal Monkey Translator, which he hopes will enable normal people to understand the monkeys like he does. In addition, he also gives Jinmay a toy robot monkey that he had made, as a gift. Incidentally, Sakko shows up once again, yawning and apparently tired. Jinmay and Sakko prepare to leave with the promise that they'd return the following day.

After her leaving, Gibson reveals that Sakko had tripped a silent alarm and shows camera footage of the tiny monkey hacking into the Super Robot to obtain its combat specs, though Otto can't help but admire how cute the critter is while doing it. Chiro stares in disbelief before angrily chasing them down. Chiro catches up with them and rather brazenly confronts the two of them over Sakko's spying. Jinmay appears genuinely frightened and confused by Chiro's accusations and hastily runs off, while Sakko glares at Chiro with a glowing red eye.

Later that night, Jinmay walks in on Sakko having a conversation with the Skeleton King, shocked to learn the small monkey can talk. Sakko invites Jinmay into the room to show her something, before laying her down on an operating table and removing the heart plate from her outfit, revealing cybernetics inside her. As Jinmay grows more disturbed, Sakko projects a hologram of the Skeleton King, who reveals that not only is Sakko not a monkey, but Jinmay herself isn't even human. Sakko plugs a cable into a port behind Jinmay's pigtail which causes her to relive a memory of the Skeleton King saving her. The Skeleton King tells her how he found her floating in space and gave her a new purpose, that being to kill Chiro. Jinmay remains certain that she likes Chiro, but the Skeleton King assures her that Chiro no longer likes her, and promises to give her the means to get revenge. After this, Jinmay falls into a trance and begins growing to a colossal size rivaling the Super Robot.

As Jinmay prepares her attack on the city, Chiro is given a moment to reflect and apologise to the monkeys, who are quick to forgive him. The monster alarm is tripped and the team suit up and prepare to take on the threat, this time while piloting the Super Robot. The team engage the threat, and realise quickly that they're fighting Jinmay. The fight starts off fairly rocky, with Jinmay utilizing the battle specs to target the robot's weak points. Despite some reservations, the team quickly catch up and begin fighting back just as hard.

In an act of self-preservation, Sakko reveals himself to be piloting Jinmay, and detaches himself from her head in order to get a safe distance away. The team attempt to stop him, only for Sakko to use Jinmay as a shield. With Jinmay now little more than a mere tool, Sakko begins forcing her to attack more aggressively and recklessly, enabling her to get the upper hand in the fight. The two make their way onto the bridge and the battle is taken quickly to the water from there.The robot is left defenseless as a chunk of the bridge falls on top of them, with Jinmay in between. Chiro makes his way outside the robot and attempts to appeal to Jinmay's senses.

With a little pep talk, Jinmay regains control of her mind, but continues to attack while Jakko still controls her body. Jakko makes his presence known to gloat, leaving him open for the robot to attack. With his cockpit destroyed, Jakko manages to escape on foot. Jinmay regains control over herself, and ceases her attack. The following morning, Jinmay leaves the heart panel from her chest with Chiro as a keepsake. And the two part ways, promising to meet again some day.

Meanwhile, Jakko somehow managed to return to the Skeleton King, where he pleads for another chance. The Skeleton King refuses, and summons a sentient music box, an apparent fear of Sakko's, to drag him off. But before bidding farewell, the Skeleton King gruesomely yanks the projector from Sakko's eye socket, albeit off-screen. He then swears that he will defeat Chiro someday.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • BT & Glenny (debut)
  • Formless (debut)
  • Mr. Gackslapper (debut)


  • Citadel of Bone


  • Error: When Chiro hits the ground and the rest of the monkeys check on him, Otto can be heard saying "Y'okay, buddy?" but the mouth movements are mistakenly attributed to Antauri.
  • Error: There is a slight inconsistency with how the monkey's close their eyes. When Sparx first does in the episode, his eyes remain black with white lines, whereas the second time, his eyes are red with black lines. Later episodes would consistently show the first concept.
  • Given that this is the first episode, the animation is notably rougher at points, most notably in terms of the lip syncing. Additionally. Some of the characters have slightly different personalities than what would eventually become the future standard.


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