Chiro is the main protagonist of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. Over the course of the series, he grows as a person and as a fighter, though uniquely compared to a majority of his contemporaries, Chiro actually starts the series already fairly adept at fighting.


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Chiro is a young adolescent male with a slightly pale Caucasian complexion, black hair, and slightly dark blue-green eyes. He is roughly double the height of the monkeys, and less than half the height of the Skeleton King.

His civilian attire consists of a long-sleeve shirt over top of a formal white button-up with a tie that matches his eyes, and a pair of blue jeans (that also match his eyes) with black and white sneakers. When wearing this and most other outfits, Chiro's eyes appear more almond-shaped, his face appears more angular, and his hair is styled neatly, with a combed fringe on the front.

When preparing for battle, Chiro suits up into his combat uniform. The uniform consists of a white two-piece suit resembling that of a pilot's clothes, complete with large black buttons, an orange scarf, matching orange gloves and a pair of dark, blue-grey boots. When wearing this outfit or variants of it, Chiro dons a white mask with more unkempt hair, and his face takes on a slightly rounder appearance, with a smoother chin and more circular eyes. Interestingly, the edge of the mask between Chiro's eyes is almost never visible, always being obscured by his bangs, barring some notable exceptions.

Additionally, during Night of Fear, Chiro turns into a small child as his fears manifest. During this time, he dons the outfit discovered on the Citadel of Bone during the episode, Skeleton King.

Following Antauri's sacrifice in I, Chiro, his soul merges with Chiro causing Chiro to transform into a bestial weremonkey. While in this form, Chiro grows a tail, and black fur, his skin turns grey and he grows a pronounced muzzle filled with sharp teeth, his ears grow larger, and his eyes become similar to those of the Robot Monkeys, albeit with Chiro's eye colour. His hair also becomes more unkempt and he loses his ability to speak, instead only making monkey screeches and other noises.

While attempting to activate the Silver Monkey, Antauri's soul is transferred into the machine body, causing Chiro to partially return to normal. He retains his unkempt and beastly traits, but looks considerably more human. In addition, he regains his rationality and ability to speak, albeit only in simple phrases.



Chiro begins the series with a number of inherent fighting capabilities, as well as powers granted to him by the Power Primate. These include:

  • CQC Proficiency - Chiro is skilled in close-quarters combat, capable of fighting unarmed and holding his own against a number of foes.
  • Power Primate Abilities - Chiro possesses a number of inhuman abilities granted to him by the awakening of the Power Primate within him.
    • Superhuman Strength - Chiro's physical prowess far surpasses that of an ordinary human. He's capable of lifting great weight and throwing deadly punches, though not without upper limits.
      • Enhanced Durability/Accelerated Healing - Chiro has demonstrated remarkable resilience to injury, usually managing to recover from things that would be terminal in ordinary people.
    • Lightning Spear - Chiro has the ability to conjure spears of volatile electricity and through them as explosive projectiles.
    • Monkey Mind Scream - Like Antauri and Mandarin, Chiro has access to the very powerful Monkey Mind Scream ability, emitting a psychic shriek from his mouth that stuns and disorients those hit by it. Unlike his elders, he is not yet proficient to use the ability frequently without fatigue, and as such, only uses it out of desperation.
    • Power Primate Aura - When pushed far enough, Chiro can tap into the full potential of the Power Primate. In doing so, his body is enveloped by a colossal green aura which takes the form of a giant translucent gorilla.


  • Chiro (alongside Jinmay) would mark the second of three instances where Greg Cipes voiced a character who was romantically involved with another character voiced by Ashley Johnson. The other two instances being Beast Boy and Terra from 2003's Teen Titans, and Kevin Levin and Gwen Tennyson from 2008's Ben 10: Alien Force.


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