Antauri is one of the main protagonists of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. Antauri is a member of the Hyperforce and is the de facto leader in the absence of Chiro.

Antauri is frequently shown to be among the wisest of the monkeys, having ties with sacred beings of incomprehensible nature. Antauri has the most investment in research of the Power Primate and its capabilities, often inviting Chiro to join in such efforts. In this way, Antauri serves as Chiro's mentor and older brother figure.

At the end of Season 2, Antauri is mortally wounded by Mandarin and, in an act of desperation, sacrifices himself to ensure the safety of the team. Part of his soul is transferred into Chiro, which Chiro then transfers into a new, completely mechanical body, which Antauri would utilize for the remainder of the series.


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Antauri is a very wise, mellow-tempered monkey. As the second-in command of the Monkey team, he is something of a natural leader and takes his role with the utmost seriousness. Likewise, this behavior and attitude often contributes to his status as somewhat of a buzzkill and a workaholic. However, despite this, Antauri is anything but neglectful towards his kin and deeply cares for them, acting as something of a father to the team, Chiro in particular.

Antauri is not without a somewhat dry, petty sense of humor. On multiple occasions, he's shown to enjoy causing mild discomfort in his comrades, and has also taken joy in "I told you so." scenarios. He also seems to not understand the purpose of games, as he often uses his telekinetic abilities to blatantly cheat, doing so with a game of laser tag, as well as with a pinball machine.

He is also a fairly strict vegetarian and his diet seems to primarily consist of salads, veggie burgers, and highly concentrated vegetable smoothies.

Though a rare occurrence, rousing Antauri to anger is very unwise. Antauri is shown to be a vicious combatant who will stop at nothing to protect his comrades, going so far as to sacrifice himself to ensure the Monkey Team's safety.

After being reborn as the Silver Monkey, Antauri's personality remains largely unchanged, though he does gain a slight degree of sensitivity to insults targeted at robots, especially after the Super Robot begins acting of its own accord.

It's revealed in Night of Fear that Antauri's greatest fear is losing himself to the Skeleton King's influence.


Through Season 1 and 2, Antauri's armor has a dark grey primary colour, fitted with the usual white secondary, and a silver colour for the unpainted portions. Additionally, his eyes are a dull yellow-green or chartreuse to better contrast with his dark-coloured head. When his hair is removed, his face takes on an even lighter grey colour with darker grey spots. His weapons, the Ghost Claws, are very pale turquoise colour with darker blue outlines. In some instances, his entire arms gain this colour scheme. When under the effect of Oculus's hypnosis, Antauri's eyes turn bright red, but keep their white glint. This in contrast to the other monkeys, whose eyes remain black with red glints (this includes Nova, whose eyes are normally black.

Starting in Season 3 onward, Antauri gains a new body in the form of the Silver Monkey. This new body has several notable differences from the rest of the monkey team. The primary colour scheme has been inverted, with Antauri's primary colours being changed to either solid white, or left unpainted, with his secondary color becoming solid black. The unpainted portions are no longer a silvery gray, but instead a very reflective chrome. His eyes are now a navy blue colour. His Ghost Claws (dubbed Phantom Claws in this form by fans), are now a dark violet with pink outlines, and visible skeletal structure. Additionally, Antauri's entire body can take on this same purple X-Ray visage whenever Antauri goes intangible.


Monkey Team


Antauri's relationship with Chiro can be best described as fatherly.







The Alchemist

Captain Shuggazoom

While not a lot of details are known about the full extent of their relationship, it is know that Captain Shuggazoom loved the monkeys to a similar degree to that of the Alchemist. He is even seen comforting a frightened Antauri during a flashback. Coincidentally, the Silver Monkey suit that Antauri would ultimately end up inhabiting was intended to be a fully robotic sidekick for Captain Shuggazoom. He was nonetheless grateful that the Captain, even in his aged state, was able to recount more details from his and the other monkeys' past, especially given the absence of the Skeleton King at that point.


Skeleton King

Antauri holds nothing but disdain for the Skeleton King, made all the more complicated by the revelation that the Skeleton King was what had become of the Alchemist after being exposed to a large amount of Dark One energy. Despite his desire to learn more about the man he could potentially call father, this did not affect his end goals, that being ensuring the safety of Chiro, Shuggazoom and the rest of the universe. It was Antauri who ultimately dealt the fatal blow to the Skeleton King by crushing one of the latter's exposed organs. Though this subsequently enabled the Worm to use the Skeleton King's skull as a vessel.


It's explained that Antauri once looked up to Mandarin, believing him to be a wise and strong leader. And indeed, prior to Mandarin's corruption, he watched over and taught his siblings everything he knew. Antauri was saddened by the need to usurp the leadership role from, and subsequently imprison Mandarin for his selfish actions. It's believed that Antauri held a lingering respect for Mandarin despite the dark path he had taken, and was disgusted at the bulky, mutated form Mandarin would take in his later encounters after escaping prison. It is not known exactly what he thinks of Mandarin's disappearance.

In the case of Mandarin's clone, Antauri seems to lack any of the attachment he may have had for the original Mandarin and doesn't see him as a brother. In the place of respect is pure contempt.





  • Antauri's name may have come from Alpha Centauri, the closest solar system to Earth's.


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