Alien Chiro is a minor character in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!. He is never given a proper name, and is thus labeled as "Alien Chiro" in the show's credits. He is a dark blue-skinned humanoid with a mixture of fish, reptilian, and elf-like features. He is the leader of a team of Robot Frogs, mirroring that of Chiro and the Monkey Team.

He only gets a small handful of lines, all of which were provided by Greg Cipes, Chiro's voice actor.

Interestingly, despite his relatively small role in his debut episode, Alien Chiro appears alongside Suupa during the final scene of Soul of Evil, as one of the many allies that the Hyperforce had amassed to fight the Skeleton King.


Season 3

His only appearance in Season 3 is in the episode "Brother in Arms" where he and his crew engage the Hyperforce in combat, having been lead astray by the Skeleton King droid, which prevents Suupa and Gibson from being rescued right away. Despite the initial hostility, Alien Chiro and his crew make amends with the Hyperforce before parting ways peacefully.

Season 4

Alien Chiro, alongside Suupa make a surprise appearance in "Soul of Evil" during the last few moments of the episode where the two of them rise up alongside Jinmay, Mobius Quint, the Sun Riders, Master Offay, the Robot Apes, Neekeeta, and Alliana to join the Hyperforce in their assault against the Skeleton King.







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